Profitop International Limited is a name with an international reputation for providing high quality and integrity machines and molds in various industries, including rubber, plastic and air-conditioning. We are in collaboration with the most reputable and reliable companies in Taiwan that have a total commitment to quality. We have access to professional engineers and technicians who have wide and diverse experience in their respective fields.
             Most of our clients are OEM makers in India, one of the world’s fastest growing economies, catering to MNCs and some of the biggest brands in various industries.
             Founded in 1994 in Taipei, Profitop has been a world-class manufacturer representative for various items.  We have been constantly adapting ourselves to the shifting macro and micro environments, as well as the changing needs of our clients.The fields we have covered include automotive parts, textiles, kitchenware, drapery, gifts and promotion items, stationery, and many more.
             Profitop has now grown to be a leader in the Rubber, Plastic, and Air-conditioning Industry.  With state-of-the-art resources at our disposal, we are the company that has the necessary experience to work with customers in any part of the world. We strongly believe in a total business approach.  Profitop is not merely a manufacturer representative, but rather a trustworthy bridge between the customers and the manufacturers. We are the strong and reliable long-term business partner for our clients to meet the demands of a continuously changing market environment, all set to shape the future.
             Propelled by exponential growth, Profitop has reinforced its position in its core competency areas through vertical and horizontal strategic alliances.  Profitop is powered by a Vision… to retain and reinforce its position in the global market.  Our business philosophy is that if you consistently deliver the right quality at the right price, and adhere to your commitments in respect of timelines and delivery schedules, you are sure to achieve the mutual growth of your own company as well as your client’s.